My investment in Rupa Health

My friend Tara Viswanathan was desperate to find a treatment for her mom’s chronic skin condition. World-class doctors and dermatologists were stumped. So Tara turned to specialty testing and root cause medicine for answers. Root cause medicine is the practice of understanding the root cause of illness rather than simply slapping on band-aids or prescribing pills…More

Distribution and conversion models for consumer startups

This is a piece I co-authored with Alexandra Sukin and originally posted on the Bessemer blog. We often describe breakout consumer internet businesses as earthquakes that occur out of nowhere, and are so powerful they feel like forces of nature and movements that are bigger than the brands themselves. But what powers the tectonic shifts that create…More

How Startups Disrupt Industries

Below is a great quote from Bryce Roberts’ blog that highlights one of the reasons I love startups — their innovative way of envisioning a new reality. “Startups don’t compete with airlines by purchasing a bunch of planes, hiring a bunch of pilots and locking up a bunch of terminals at airports. Startups compete with…More

Airbnb and the importance of trust online

Trust is the most important currency of the online world. It is fundamental to everything from online transactions, to e-commerce, to social networking. This trust in the online world is crucial for modern life and enables much of the success and development of societal interaction.   In the offline world, we are taught early on…More