Blog or bust – why I am blogging

For the past few months, it has become increasingly clear that I should start a blog. Initially, I believed that blogs were reserved for two extremes – angsty teenagers or those who truly contribute great content  – with little room in between. A series of events recently convinced me otherwise (though I’m still not totally gung-ho!)

This past year, there have been countless instances, particularly as I applied for various jobs, where I was asked for links to my “web presence.” I dreaded the request. Though there are many ways to show an “online presence” aside from a basic LinkedIn account, my options feel fairly limited. I need another, solid resource to offer future employers, advisors, and peers that showcases my personality and thought processes. 

I really felt the pressure when in the middle of a meeting at the startup “Hunch,” I was out right scolded for not having a blog and told to rush to start one immediately. Certainly for the jobs and people I met with, and not only those in the new tech industry, it was clear: blog or bust! 

My boss/mentor this summer at foursquare, Eric Friedman, summed it up best with this post. In it, he shares the feedback that “You can work really hard on crafting a well written, organized, resume with bullet points of accomplishments – but you can’t fake 500 blog posts.”


It takes time and effort to sit down and write a post. But I am surrendering to the “pressure to blog” and embracing the opportunity to present my ideas and personality, organize my thoughts. I hope this becomes a habit that I grow to love and benefit from personally. Kinda like exercise.

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